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A family story

We are the Delmonego family. About 20 years ago, we decided to build our little dream home here in Arabba.

We are Betty and Paolo, the parent generation. As our five children grow older, they are gradually beginning to help us look more and more to the future, without ever neglecting our origins and love of nature. They are the ones who have truly shaped our concept of family hospitality.

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When we first embarked upon writing the history of Hotel Alpenrose twenty years ago, we soon realised what we were carrying on our shoulders: Equipped with great responsibilities, we overcame countless obstacles and made sure to recharge our batteries in happy moments. In doing so, we have continued down our path with great gratitude towards life. And now that the children are growing up, it will one day be up to them to take over and run our home, set new goals and envision their very own future. The best is yet to come.

Impeccable hospitality is our gift to those who visit us – all we ask in return is a deep respect for the nature that welcomes us. The future of the Dolomites depends on all of us.

Hotel Alpenrose Arabba
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View on Arabba from Portavescovo
Arabba, Dolomites – pure beauty

Arabba, where time stands still. Majestic rock faces, surrounded only by forests. Snow-covered meadows in winter, a sea of flowers in summer. Crystal-clear, fragrant mountain air. Rushing torrents. This beauty belongs to everyone, without exception.

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This winter season has also come to an end, and we are already preparing to reopen the doors of our Home for You on 1 June 2024. You can contact us by phone or email for further information from Monday to Friday 09:00-12: 00 and 16:00-19:00, Saturday 09:00-12:00.